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The gentle, natural flickering light of candles is a balm to a busy day. It soothes your emotions, relaxes your nerves and creates a mood of harmony and relaxation.

Illuminate your life with Cairns Candles and be transported to a calm, serene emotive place. Create an ambience that you can develop to suit your mood: serene, reflective, calm, unwinding, peaceful, or romantic. Cairns Candles: create the ambience in your life.

Great Barrier Reef Large

Size : 150mm x 200mm

When lit the flickering light gives the effect of gazing into the ocean floor.  Whether a large celebration or small dinner for two this lantern will entrance your guests and be the centre of attention. Great in the bathroom or beach house.  Scatter shells around the base to merge the traditional appeal of candles with your unique artistic flair. 9hr natural tea light and glass votive holder included.